Javier Calleja

Next exhibitions

Rome, Italy
Dorothy Circus Gallery. Mother and Child Group show
April, 2019

Waldkirchen, Germany
Galerie Zink. Solo Show
May 26th – July 20th, 2019

Mykonos, Greece
Dio Horia Art Gallery. Solo Show
June 28th, 2019

Hong Kong
November, 2019

Art Fairs

Art Taipei with Nanzuka Underground Gallery
January, 2019

Art Basel Hong Kong with Nanzuka Underground Gallery
March 29th – 31th, 2019

Expo Chicago with Dio Horia Art Gallery
September 19th – 22th, 2019

Gallery contacts

Nanzuka Underground
Tokyo, Japan

Galerie Zink
Waldkirchen, Germany

Hong Kong

Galería RPH
Madrid, Spain

Galería Yusto / Giner
Marbella, Spain



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